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Physiotherapy AFL emphasizes good, professional service in the field of rehabilitation and training in a spacious, well-equipped physiotherapy clinic.

There are 14 physiotherapists working at the clinic, most of whom have many years experience in the profession and have become specialized in various fields of physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy AFL is located at Borgatún 6. The clinic has good access for cars and the main bus station Hlemmur is very close by.

Treatment of most of the problems connected to the musculo-skeletal system
Rehabilitation after accidents
Children´s physiotherapy
Sports physiotherapy

Sjúkratryggingar Íslands (Sí) takes part in the payment of treatment for all patients who have lived in Iceland for 6 months or longer and for inhabitants of EU countries who are in possession of an appropriate E-certificate.

In order for SÍ to take part in the expenses, the patient must have a referral from a doctor.

Employees of SÍ provide all further information on the insurance position of a person on www.sjukra.is

Where a work-place accident to a medically insured person is concerned, SÍ pays for the treatment in full.

Those who are not part of the Icelandic insurance system must pay the full cost of the treatment.

NB: Most trade unions take part in the cost of physiotherapy treatment. Look for information on participation in payment from your trade union.



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